It’s the same thing

Is it really the same condition? Day after day, week after week, year after year, I have people come in to the clinic and say to me “Nothing has changed. It’s the same problem I’ve had for ___ years”. 

I understand that from their perspective, this is a completely true and reasonable statement. Consider for a moment, a different perspective. 

The chart below lists the turnover rate of cells which represents the time it takes for each type of cell to be replaced completely. For most cells in your body, you will be a completely new person within 4 months – 10 years. So if your complaint is more than 4 months to 10 years old, is it really the same thing? Semantics? … Perhaps. 

Groundhog Day?

Instead, consider what this could mean in terms of your healing potential. Given the right resources, reason, and opportunity, your body can remake itself completely.  Feed yourself with high quality, clean foods; mostly plants, not too much. Exercise enough, but not too much every day. Engage in some form of mindful practice – meditation, prayer, etc… Drink enough clean water. Avoid toxic chemicals. Supplement where you are deficient. Get adequate high quality sleep. Get a chiropractic adjustment regularly to help your nervous system function at a better level.

Cell type and approximate Turnover rate
-Small intestine epithelium   2-4 days
-Stomach   2-9 days     
-Blood Neutrophils   1-5 days    
-White blood cell Eosinophils   2-5 days
-Gastrointestinal colon crypt cells   3-4 days     
-Cervix   6 days    
-Lung alveoli   8 days     
-Taste buds   10 days     
-Platelets   10 days    
-Bone Osteoclasts   2 weeks     
-Skin Epidermis cells   10-30 days     
-Pancreas beta cells   4 months     
-Sperm   2 months     
-Bone osteoblasts   3 months
-Red Blood cells   4 months     
-Liver hepatocyte cells   6 – 12 months
-Fat cells   8 years
-Skeleton   10% per year
-Nervous system, lens, oocytes (eggs)   Life time     

Consider further, that many different conditions present with the same symptoms, so just because it feels the same, that doesn’t mean that it is the same. Should the issue be a continuation of an earlier issue, it doesn’t exist in isolation. Everything that happens in and to the body affects everything else. Your previous issue may have morphed and spawned new challenges yet to be noticed. These are just some of the reasons we do a new exam if we haven’t seen you in a while.

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