Cranial and Visceral Adjustments

Just like in the spine, if the cranium (skull) is sitting, shaped, or moving improperly, challenges may arise.

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Cranial and Visceral Adjustments

Many people think that the only bone that moves in the head is the lower jaw. The fact is that all of the bones of the skull move, just much more subtly than other joints. Adjustments of the skull can help with issues like headaches, sleeping issues, and smell.

While many people associate Chiropractic with joint issues, in the early days of Chiropractic a lot of work was done with organs (viscera). This has largely been lost within the profession, however some practitioners still do work with the organs to help the body to function more effectively.  Probably the most commonly known issue is working with people with hiatus hernia. Constipation is also a very common complaint in our practice.

We can even teach you some simple tricks for home.

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