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General Purpose Massager, by Dr Graeme

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Before we started building our massagers the manufacturers of hand held massagers for the public were mainly concerned about how they looked on shop shelves. These massagers were given as gifts, used a few times, then put in a cupboard.

Professionals found them to be ineffective, and did not recommend or support their usage. This is not our opinion. It is the findings of a UK university study published in a respected scientific journal.

As a practitioner I decided to build something that was powerful, easy to use, affordable and did a fantastic job. We started with the Deep Tissue Massager which was a purpose built machine to do trigger points and other deep focused massage. We then built our more powerful General Purpose Massager which incorporated all the deep tissue ability of the Deep Tissue Massager, but was a lot more versatile, easier to use and suitable for other types of massage as well.

You can read below about powerful motors, ergonomic designs, strong hammer mechanisms and all the other things that make it so effective and easy to use. However, I use one myself in practice, as do the professionals in most of the clinics listed in our find a clinic section. They work!!! and are built to provide practically unlimited quality massage in the comfort of your own home. I’d thoroughly recommend though that you looked at our instruction manual and other information on this website and see the benefits you, your family and friends could be getting.

McDonagh D. et al Good vibrations: Do electric therapeutic massagers work? Ergonomics Vol. 48, Iss. 6 2005

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